Roadrunner was inspired by our New Mexico State Bird. The legs of a Roadrunner have this amazing formation when it strides. We implemented this stride with the drums. The melody also creates a stride but ongoing melody like early Native American music. This piece was selected by NPR as one of the most out of box compositions and top 10 Honorable Mention out of 6,400 entries in the United States.

D'DAT Suite is a 20 minute suite of three original D'DAT tunes arranged by Franklin Piland. Franklin descends from the Lakota Tribe and collaborated with D'DAT making their accompaniment an orchestra, symphonic band or wind symphony. This video is a short clip of Eastern New Mexico University's Wind Symphony conducted by the arranger Franklin Piland. Music is available for all types of bands. 

Em Dee is D'DAT's tribute to the one and only MD - Miles Davis. DDAT loves the Miles Davis Electronic phase. Although a tribute to a jazz legend, this piece also shares close ties to the Navajo/Diné spinning songs. The melody is a common thread heard in many early Native American Music. We added rhythm to the melody to create a very funky and catchy phrase. Here is Em Dee performed in Willits, California.

The Delbert Anderson Trio (DAT) is the backbone of the journey. DAT was created in 2013 and released their first music video with a very popular chant from the Navajo Spinning Songs. This melody was used for a call to action whether it be war, celebration, formal or informal gatherings. 4 shouts were given to signify its call, you can hear these shouts before the melody starts. Performed in Hogback, NM.

One of the greatest moments performing music is the educational engagements that come along with the playing. Here is a simple lesson on a tradition used in New Orleans. The 2nd Line Call or Joe Avery's Blues is used to indicate the party is over. Here is the end of our music workshop with the Heartbeat Music Project - A Julliard Alumni organization developed for the education of Navajo children in Crownpoint, NM.

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