Delbert Anderson Quartet

The Delbert Anderson Quaret  allows improvised sounds of the Diné circle to resurface with jazz, funk and hip-hop. The Quartet brings all venues back to the social gathering of Diné Spinning songs. Spinning Songs were composed to teach all people stories and traditions of the past, present and future. Anderson  researched Diné melodies of the past for inspiration, perform our stories for today and preserve cultural music for the future.  

Our spinning songs consist of Navajo improvised melodies from trumpeter, Delbert Anderson, funk and groove rhythms from drummer, Khalill Brown, fusion keyboardist, Robert Muller and the exploration of jams from bassist, Mike McCluhan. Anderson composes a melodic story of Northwest New Mexico and our surrounding Indigenous tribes.  

Hózhó (Beauty & Balance) formed the Delbert Anderson Quartet by combining different personal identities and cultural backgrounds. K’é (Family Values) keeps the Quartet together as one unit practicing the values of kindness, generosity and peacefulness.  

Along with a high energy show, the Quartet balances their performances with community/educational engagements and wellness workshops. Topics and discussions are held in a safe and sacred space giving a voice to anyone who would like to participate.

Educational & Community Outreach

Providing an example of jamming and improvising for the students before having them join us!

Young musician improvising after the Quartet demonstration and improvisation activity!