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Anderson Featured in the New York Times

February 24, 2023 | 12:00 AM EST

FARMINGTON, N.M. — To drive the high desert roads of northern New Mexico is to navigate mountain passes, red rock mesas and dry river washes, and to spot the hogans, hamlets and sheep herds of the vast and remote Navajo nation.

Fiddling with the dial on the car radio during my time there usually generates only static. Except one day came the sound of a silken and soulful trumpet, as a station played a haunting ballad, “Narbona,” with unmistakable Navajo phrasing.

The song was the handiwork of the Delbert Anderson Trio, and it felt as if it had arisen from the folds of this land.

The Delbert Anderson Trio receives Jazz Road Grant from South Arts

February 20, 2023 | 8:00 AM EST

Twelve jazz artists and groups receive grants up to $15,000 from South Arts’ national initiative to tour their work across the United States.

Atlanta —February 20, 2023— Today, South Arts is pleased to announce the Winter 2023 Jazz Road Artists—12 artists and ensembles receiving funding from the Jazz Road Tours initiative to promote and tour their artistry around the nation.

Relaunched in 2022 by South Arts with funding from Doris Duke Foundation and the Mellon Foundation, Jazz Road Tours annually supports approximately 50 jazz artists with grants ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 to cover a portion of tour expenses and tighten the pay gap between artists and presenters. Some of these expenses include venue and travel fees, equitable pay for the artists, or costs of management, coordination, and promotion.



Anderson selected to compose film score for New Mexico film COYO.

February 1, 2023 | 10:08 AM MST

A tribal cop once on top of his game. Now down on his luck. And he keeps waking up in places not knowing how he got there?
Anna. Carmen Valdez 
A big City detective from New York who accepted the job in New Mexico. To escape her past. First day on the job she is thrust into a murder investigation. Where are the victims seem to be missing their tongue!
Chief of Police. Ernie Stevens Jr 
A native man who has been on the force 25 years and ready to retire. Seems like the whole town is coming down on him. Because he has not solved the murderers. As the body stack up!
Sherry. Monique Candelaria 
A stripper at the local gentlemen's club. Finds her sister murdered in their apartment. She reaches out to coyo for help.
Amelia.  Candice Neu 
Is a local TV news personality. Trying to solve the mystery. And she will not stop at anything to get her story. She also has a sorted past with coyo. 
Officer Duncan Frankee Romero 
The youngest officer on the force. Seems like it's all he can do to keep the office running. Do his job at the same time.
Sam. Ricky Lee 
A kind of mysterious native man. Who everyone in town is pointing their finger at as being the murderer! skinwalker?

We're very excited about Tracy Bone and Delbert Anderson collaboration on the soundtrack. And the Coyo music video!

Anderson selected for First Peoples Fund Cultural Capital Fellow

January 25, 2023 | 8:01 MST

Farmington, New Mexico - First Peoples Fund, the oldest national Native-led organization dedicated to supporting Indigenous artists, has selected 12 individuals from across the country as recipients of the 2023 Cultural Capital Fellowship.

Local artist Delbert Anderson (Diné) was named as one of the fellows. An artist whose art forms include performance, education, composition and mentorship. Anderson will receive a $10,000 project grant, technical support and professional training over the year.

First Peoples Fund President Lori Pourier (Oglala Lakota) said, “We deeply believe in the transformative power of artists and culture bearers to strengthen and uplift communities. No matter their medium, each artist shares a story reflecting the incredible range of Indigenous cultures across the United States. Whether growing their entrepreneurial spirit or revitalizing, reconnecting and reclaiming ancient Indigenous practices, their work illuminates what is possible and inspires others. Their success creates a ripple effect that impacts their community and beyond.”

Awarded annually, the Cultural Capital Fellowship program aims to increase artists’ capacity to succeed and impact their communities by supporting individuals whose work focuses on passing down ancestral knowledge.

"The 2023 fellowship cohort is an exciting and empowering mix of artists and culture bearers who are ensuring cultural and ancestral knowledge continues to be practiced in their communities.” said First Peoples Fund Fellowships Program Manager, Rachael Nez (Diné).


Anderson Selected for Institution of American Indian Arts 2023 AiR Program

December 2, 2022 | IAIA Residency March 8 - April 20, 2023

December 2, 2023 Anderson made the announcement of being selected for the IAIA AiR 2023 program. Anderson will be a resident to Santa Fe, New Mexico from March 8 to April 20. During theses times, Anderson will work on research, composing, workshops and performing. Anderson's goal is to bring his vision not only to IAIA but the Santa Fe community. For research, Anderson is currently looking into Indigeneous Boarding School Bands and Jacob C. Morgan. It is Anderson's hope to translate some of the music the bands and Morgan use to play during those times. The music will be blended with the sounds of Indigenous melodies and improvisation. These composition will then be premiered at IAIA included other venues in Santa Fe. Anderson seeks to bring back the old collaborations of Comedy and Jazz. Many of the performances will be opened by a comedian in tribute to the days of Nina Simone and Richard Pryor. Another performance which connects Anderson to the Santa Fe scene of musicians and jazz is his Jazz Jams. Anderson started Jazz Jams in Farmington, NM and during his residency, he will start a weekly jazz jam in Santa Fe. In addition to Anderson's research, he will be conducting workshops in music, history and the art of collaboration.  In the end, Anderson hopes to have made an impact on IAIA and the Santa Fe community.

D'DAT Performs WOMAD South Africa Safari

October 2 - 10, 2022 | DDAT performs Johannesburg & Soweto

D'DAT attended WOMAD 2022 South Africa Safari to represent the United States and it's Indigenous culture. Before attending DDAT was working on a project with South African percussionist, Dan Chiorboli and 2x Grammy Winning producer, John Lindemann. DDAT's next album will feature DDAT compositions and their collaborations with many South African artists. On another project, DDAT backs up a collaboration between Zulu artist Nelisiwe Mtsweni and Diné artist, Alex Rose Holiday. The feature of the WOMAD festival was our project of Zulu and Diné collaborations. The composition featured was called Grandma's Song composed by Alex Rose Holiday. The piece is the very first and start of the acknowledgment of tribal Matriarch. Through the project, Nelisiwe and Alex will compose pieces together about their journeys as Indingeous women and the importance of Indigenous Matriarch.

D'DAT Performs Native American Compositions With the Sonoma State University Symphonic Orhestra.

September 24, 2022 | Green music center at Sonoma, CA

In 2016 the Delbert Anderson Trio created a project called the D'DAT Suite. The Suite is a celebration of various tribes through a collaboration between the trio and large group ensembles. Each performance and collaboration would consist of a new commissioned piece and world premiere performance. The first performance was with Eastern New Mexico University under the direction of Dustin Seifert. The commissioned pieces was arranged by Franklin Piland.  Franklin commissioned DDAT Suite for the Eastern New Mexico University Wind Ensemble. The second piece was commissioned for the Sonoma State University Symphonic Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Alexander Kahn. Franklin composed the commissioned piece IKTOMI. All commissions pertain to the Indigenous tribes of the locations of the ensembles. In addition to the rehearsals with guest conductor Franklin Piland, DDAT provided many engagements throughout their time while visiting each location. 

Lewis Prize for Music Sounding from the Heartlands

July 15, 2022 | A Think Tank Centering Appalachian, Black Belt Southern, Borderlands and Indigenous Music-Based Creative Youth Development Efforts 2022

Alexandria  Holiday and Delbert Anderson were selected for this years 2022 Think Tank from the Lewis Prize for Music. 

Anderson a mentor to Holiday embarked on a series of evaluations to help understand the youth development efforts of the Indigenous program "Build A Band". In 2016 Holiday was in the Build A Band program and was the first to graduate the program along with her ensemble Sacred Sound. Alex grew beyond the program and began to create her own band, sing traditionally, model and would become a Navajo princess in 2017. In recent news, Anderson asked Holiday to join their ensemble to the World Festival, WOMAD South Africa Safari. Holiday made a huge statement and impact while in South Africa and was able to connect to another Indigenous woman in the Zulu tribe. Nelisiwe Mtsweni and Alex Holiday are now collaborating creating songs about the Importance of Indigenous Matriarch. Holiday and Mtsweni premiered a song called, Grandma's Song a composition by Holiday arranged by Anderson. This song will be released before December 2022. Anderson is very honored to be a part in the Holiday's arts venture. As Build A Band starts with newly founded youth group, Third Hour, Holiday will also share her experience with the new participants and explaining the path to success. 

D'DAT Starts Bureau of Land Management Tour

June 13, 2022 | D'DAT visits 5 national monuments connecting with indigenous tribes.


Go back to origins of land concerning healing, culture and life.

Tour five Bureau of Land Management National Monuments.

Connect with Indigenous tribes, the original land owners, to research land stories and cultural music.

Compose two pieces for each of the five National Monuments.

Provide community workshops for each National Monument.

Provide a concert and create awareness for each National Monument.

Attempt first steps of peace between the Indigenous and Western Civilization concepts. 

Create a ten track land healing album.

Document our experience and research.


Day 1 - Connect with Indigenous Tribe and research cultural land stores and music.

Day 2 - Compose two pieces using research and providing a workshop.

Day 3 - Provide a Performance at site location. 


Ute Mountain Tribe at Canyons of the Ancients, CO

Hopi Tribe at Bears Ears National Monument, UT

Warm Springs Confederate Tribes at Lower Deschutes Wild & Scenic River, OR

Rhonerville Bear River Band of Rancheria Tribe at King Range National Conservation Area, CA

Mescalero Apache Tribe at Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument, NM