Delbert Anderson had some relatively modest goals in mind — teach some aspiring local musicians a few of the ins and outs of the business, and see if any of what he imparted took root with his students and contributed to the growth of the local scene.”

Mike Easterling

Heart Space Live

Heart Space Live is an eclectic live music video series broadcasting hand picked musical performances. Hosted by the San Juan Jazz Society.

San Juan Jazz Society

Farmington, New Mexico Non-Profit Organization - Music Hub of the San Juan County

Farmington, New Mexico Non-Profit Organization - Music Hub of the San Juan County

What started from local Wednesday Night Jazz Jams, the San Juan Jazz Society was born. With the help of the Connie Gotsch Arts Foundation and a few willing individuals - SJJS has been taking over the community music scene and developed a central music hub for the San Juan County. 


DDAT consists of four talented musicians - Chris Bidtah (Navajo) on vocals, Delbert Anderson (Navajo) on trumpet, Nicholas Lucero on drums and Mike McCluhan on bass.   All touring artists both nationally and internationally - one impromptu group performance at a festival sparked the fire that has burned across the country and is now known as DDAT. 

Named by NPR as one of the top 10 bands in the US - DDAT combines hip hop, jazz, funk and soul to their original southwestern feel and genre.   Performances by DDAT are known to be full of energy and excitement.  Audiences never know what to expect....dancing, improvisation, audience participation, live painting - sky's the limit at a DDAT show!  DDAT creates a unique exciting tie with audiences of all ages who appreciate live performing arts. 

Music from the quartet has been heard all over the world with features on National Public Radio (NPR), Sirius XM, Indian Country Today, SAY Magazine, Weekly Alibi and many more. DDAT tours include several West Coast Tours, Canada’s Music is Medicine Tour, Aboriginal Music Week Tour in Canada,  and Van’s Warped Tour - USA

Build A Band

Build A Band offers a step by step experience in Music Education and Music Business through creating a band. Students have the opportunity to create their own band while being educated by local and regional music professionals. Build A Band creates professional working groups formed by San Juan County's finest musicians and community members.

Education includes music fundamentals of group performing, music reading, writing and composing. Business includes public image, booking, touring, professionalism, social media, budgeting and band management.


2019 Recipients

A group of Native American musicians from Aztec High School - Kinteel Domatory

A group of Native American musicians from Aztec High School - Kinteel Domatory

Xanthem was a rock group created by Native American musicians who were enrolled at Aztec High School. These students stayed in Kinteel Dormatory and met once a week to create their band. We looked into music business and performing. The class performed in their own gym with their original songs. Instrumentation included: Vocal, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums. They also had a management team that consisted of a Band Manager and Stage Set Up/Tear Down Personnel.

2018 Recipients

NAMP 2018 - Featured an 18 piece group known as the San Juan Community Jazz Band. During our eight week course the band performed at our local Dillards and the San Juan Riverfest. The photo above was taken at their sound check before their final concert at the Henderson Fine Arts Center.  


Sydney Chapman has received the New Mexico Music Commission Student Spotlight!



2017 recipients

Left to Right:
Jeremey Bendt, Aspyn Kaskalla, Dylan Washinawatok, Janet Bendt, Natashia Anderson

Left to Right: Jeremey Bendt, Aspyn Kaskalla, Dylan Washinawatok, Janet Bendt, Natashia Anderson

For NAMP 2017, Jeremey Bendt - Trumpet, Aspyn Kaskalla - Vocal, Dylan Washinawatok - Piano, Janet Bendt - Vocal and Natashia Anderson - Vocal were selected to continue private  lessons during the summer to perform in an August Student Recital.


Aspyn Kaskalla and Dylan Washinawatok were selected for The Heartbeat Project!

The Heartbeat Project selects students from grades K-12 to participate in a music camp with groups and one-on-one study with Alumni from the Julliard School of Music. Sponsored by the National Public Radio (NPR)

2016 Sacred Sound

This year's 2016 recipients include the following:  Dayton Singer (drums), Jalen John (bass), Deion Jones (trombone), Alexandria Holiday (vocal) and Sydney Chapman (trumpet). Other members not in the photo include: Jarid Slim (band associate), Rachelle Anderson (band manager).


Sacred Sound recently made finalists of 
San Juan County's Got Talent!

Wednesday Jazz Jam

Each Wednesday evening from 7PM to 9PM, local jazz musicians gather to participate in a jazz jam session. In July 2018 Anderson created the jazz jam with the help of the Connie Gotsch Arts Foundation. The event was such a success each week the San Juan Jazz Society was created to continue the jazz jams. With live music and the beautiful renovated Downtown Farmington, you can't go wrong with a jazz jam night. 


Melodic Elements

New section

Melodic Elements shines light on the relationship between movement, image and sound. 

Melodic Elements is an audio and visual collaboration of contemporary art and musical improvisation. Come experience live expressions of emotion through movement and musical improvisation and the surreal artistic conversation between artist Winona House and instrumentalist Delbert Anderson. Utilizing the unlimited electronic sounds of a theremin combined with expressive trumpet improvisation, Ms. House and Mr. Anderson create an audio/visual art form that is unique and inspiring.



Tanaya Winder is a poet, vocalist, writer, educator, and motivational speaker from the Southern Ute, Duckwater Shoshone, and Pyramid Lake Paiute Nations. She received a BA in English from Stanford University and after completing her MFA in creative writing from the University of New Mexico, she co-founded As/Us: A Space for Women of the World, a literary magazine publishing works by Indigenous women and women of color. Her advocacy also includes working with Native youth and reservation communities as the Director of the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Upward Bound program, which serves approximately 103 Native youth from across the country. 

Delbert Anderson is a professional jazz musician from Shiprock, NM. Anderson is an active composer, performer, motivational speaker and educator. He attended Eastern New Mexico University studying music education and trumpet performance. Anderson currently directs the San Juan College Jazz Ensembles and Jazz Studies in Farmington, NM. His mentor program NAMP - Native American Music Program helped build successful Native American Music groups throughout the San Juan County. Aside from his educational career, Anderson is a busy with multiple tours, guest appearances, film music, and recording projects. He is an endorsed trumpet artist for Cannonball Instruments and Inderbinen.  

Maurico Espinal is a musician, arranger and producer. Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras Espinal has been performing and producing many years for churches, vocalists, instrumentalists from around the world. He attended the National School of Music in Honduras studying music education and commercial arranging. Espinal currently resides in Farmington, NM where he's an active music director and producer.